Hypocrisy Abounds- The Choice is Ours!

The abundance of deceit, hypocrisy and mistrust is piling up for the attraction of worldly gains. Hazrat Umar (RA) said: ”The most ignorant is the one who sells hereafter for the world”. Eating like termites, the exploding hypocrisy has profusely penetrated in our lives becoming a commonplace of our society, and is ultimately etching away our belief, trust and national harmony. It is augmenting commonly immoral behavior. One can readily observe that vested interests ride over national interests steering us to become individually strong and nationally weak. As a consequence of this, we have almost become immune to lies, fraud and robbery. We like to edit truth for personal gains or not to annoy others. In a day-to-day affair, we generally will act upon our hunch of implicitly accepted norm of immoralities. The downside of hypocrisy is that our relationships are now mostly necessity-based rather than respect-based. Everyday we come across with a liar who is forgiven and forgotten being dubbed as smart, clever or diplomatic, whether he is a politician, businessman, media, celebrity or so-called religious scholar. A promise-breaker is respected due to either his viciousness or cadre in the society. Breaking agreement is considered to be a birth right of the agreement-breaker.

Having seen recent Zardari’s cat and mouse political play, it’s shameful the way he has befooled the nation. Learning from this episode, one can easily ascribe democracy as hypocrisy. Ironically, he is going to substitute Musharaf under the disguise of democracy, after signing a deal with the US administration, having had 96 thousand million rupees to his credit waived off under NRO and then scratching Musharaf back by letting him go out the country and also letting his 700 million dollar plunder unchecked.

Like Musharaf, Mr. Zardari is also dancing to the tunes of US administration by not restoring the Chief Justice. The wish is the father of thought and people wish that he would restore CJ, but to their surprise, he is complicating the situation at the dictation of US administration. US administration doesn’t want CJ’s restoration because they would not like the person who tabled the recovery of missing people sold to the US.

I feel no hesitation citing John Perkins (an ex-IMF executive) who wrote in his book, “we don’t carry guns and swords to conquer the country, rather we appear humble like teacher and banker wearing suit and grab the top man to cheat and defeat that country”

The irony of our leaders has been that victor belonged the spoils. They had unequivocal notion that they would rule eternally. The eternal rule belongs only to Allah (SWT). One should understand that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. No one is perfect except the intentions; otherwise, individual’s sins will find him out. I request the political fellowship to shake their sensibility and elect the future president assuming honesty but not for the one whose record is unclean because at the end of the day, the leopard cannot change its spots. It is a mental arresting question that do we want US administration led government (hypocrisy) or locally made decision government (real democracy).

Do we like to cling to hypocrisy and remain in its vicious domain and bear all the torments we are undergoing or we dare to say what we mean and mean what we say and be not mean when we say it! The choice is absolutely ours.


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