If not now, when?

High electricity bills, high prices, no electricity, no flour, pickets everywhere sound familiar. You should be because it is a jungle out there with a fear looming over. Fear has many forms and lends its wings. Our nation shell-shocked with dearness is sinking deeply into fear of power outages, flour absence and life insecurity bringing more despondency and frustration in their lives. Despite our parliament rhetoric to retaliate, drones keep attacking and the ground keeps shifting beneath our political actors’ feet. The darkness of unknown is prevailing over the hearts and minds of every Pakistani nowadays. Besides, double-dip financial recession, we are also living during a great spiritual and physical depression, having reached levels of general and specific spiritual and physical depravity worse than ever one can say. Most of us believe that our political actors have the keys to the problems, but in truth, they are slaves of a dark conscious, how can they show light to others? They tell lies so powerfully and shamelessly as if they are not going to see their face in the mirror again. And, we see, these blinded beings doing anything but harming those who follow them, because blind leads the blind. They have introvert mind-set. They believe “Cheat and lead makes them elite”. Further, they believe that they can become astute by looting being more brute.

Also plutocracy (a minuscule of wealthy people controlling the power) with a financial load of mammoth battalion of ineffective MNAs has increased public’s gloom for having been aloof to their daily life problems. There are more than 500 MNA’s whose salary bill to the exchequer is 8.5 billion rupees excluding the special perks extended to them. A one-minute session of MNAs in the National Assembly costs Rs. 55,000 to the exchequer. Recently Government has cut the scholarship sum for students currently doing PhDs overseas.  Our political actors believe that cultivating money can grow them rich while the truth is; education cultivates a mind which in turn can raise a sane culture. Is Mercedes and that too bulletproof more important than a student getting a world’s highest degree? We have to ask this question to us in setting our priorities. Our political actors will never do anything better for the public because a) it is none of their concern and b) they cannot see beyond their nose. So in fiercely unjustified environment, expecting from them is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

When the justice is low, resistance is our duty. Therefore, it’s our duty to rise and change the system. Election is not the solution because plutocracy can muster voters support through their financial might. We have to stand and get rid of these inept actors through revolution. Revolution brings about by raising voices. It’s a collective effort.

Pakistan has used 100 billion dollar loan since its birth and has paid back 70 billion with an outstanding debt of 46 billion yet to pay. The result is slavery and humiliation. We are up to our neck in debt and every Pakistani is under debt for Rs. 50,000. Debt enslaves us and snatches our self-confidence.

Democracy is best form of plundering the public money. Indeed our economy melt-down calls for radical steps to undertake. It’s not within the ambit of the jerks at the top to set it right even if they take the rabbit out of their hat. I am cynical and say this unhappily because they are incapable and they don’t have a will. One can lead a horse to water, but one can’t make him drink. Then, there is also a Peter’s principle which states “everybody reaches to his or her incompetence level”. Ironically they didn’t have that level. We got many pundits imported from the USA to set our economy right which turned out to be a fiasco all the times. Pakistan has been a guinea pig for them. They had solid degrees in economics and finance, but lacked the judgement and sincerity. Even now we are not using our judgement to bail out our country. The new finance minister appointed would play zero-sum game. We are flogging a dead horse unless we undertake steps which could be nail-biting.

Desperate diseases need desperate cures. During such crunch, no one is voicing about reducing expenses of the elite or putting their foot down to demand repatriating elite’s colossal funds kept outside the country. Confronted with such frustration, the only solution is reverting to our Manual- the Holy Quran. Thank Allah (SWT) for His Light.

We have to revert to our Creator (Allah) to seek His Forgiveness and Guidance. We have to admit our repentance because repentance not only washes away our sins but also shows us a light and ray of hope. It entitles us to receive Allah (SWT)’s help.

One wonders our Manual has been there for the last 1400 years, how come we have not benefited from it? The answer is that we have read it habitually not understandably. Its privileged knowledge helps the humanity.

Our Manual has all the answers to our problems. Why don’t we seek solutions from this Manual made for us? Without hesitation we should leap towards it. We have to decide if we want either to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution because if we don’t act now then when?

From: Mohsin Lodhi
Date: 29 October 2008


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